Applying for Fellowships

A strong application is made up of some or all of the following: essays, references, transcripts, CV/resume, and interviews.  Learn more about the application process and receive tips on applying through the links  or fill out an interest form  if you wish to meet with an advisor on scholarships and fellowships.



The most competitive applications take a great deal of time and effort. It is therefore essential to start working on your application as far in advance of the deadline as possible.  In the process, be sure to tap into the rich resources WUSTL has on offer: staff, faculty, students and alums who are here to help you.

Exact deadlines vary by scholarship.  Therefore, the following general timeline may need to be adjusted to the opportunity for which you are applying.  Final applications, letters of recommendation, and endorsements (when required) must be submitted by the deadline.  If you plan ahead, you will avoid undue stress.

January–March: gather information

  • Attend an information session
  • Research the scholarships
  • Research host institutions and build contacts if applicable
  • Begin thinking about recommendation letter writers
  • Contact a Scholarship & Fellowship Advisor to ask questions

April: let us know your plans

  • Many of these fellowships and scholarships require a university  endorsement.  If you have decided to apply, fill out an interest form and meet with a Scholarship & Fellowship Advisor to begin the application process officially.  You may then take advantage of mentoring and workshop opportunities on campus.
  • Familiarize yourself with the scholarship’s application requirements.  Begin working on your essay(s).
  • Develop and update your resume if required.

May-August: prepare your application

  • Integrate critical feedback into your essay(s). Stay in touch with your Fellowship advisor. They will offer support throughout the summer as you work on your application.
  • Continue discussions with faculty members (and others who will be providing recommendations).
  • Ask faculty, friends, family and other trusted individuals to look at your essay(s) and give feedback.

Early Fall: Campus Application Deadline

  • If the scholarship or fellowship for which you are applying has a university sponsored nomination process, submit your materials as specified by your advisor by the campus deadline.

Late Fall/Winter: National Deadlines

  • There are a number of other scholarships and fellowships available that students can apply to directly without going through a university sponsored nomination process.  If you are applying for such an opportunity, follow the directions for submission as supplied by the scholarship provider.  Keep in mind that a WU fellowship advisor can still provide you with mentorship and feedback on your application materials even if there in no nomination process.